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Limbo of the Lost follows Benjamin Briggs, the real-life captain of the Mary Celeste. In 1872, the Mary Celeste was discovered empty; the fate of Briggs and the rest of the crew remains a mystery. The game puts Briggs in Limbo, where he has to aid Destiny in a war against Fate.
Captain Briggs is entomophobic, which is to say that he has a fear of insects. Throughout the game, he must confront his fear in order to complete puzzles and progress further. The existence of the player is acknowledged by the game's characters (described as a "spirit guide"), and during the final sequence the player, rather than Briggs, becomes the puzzle-solving protagonist. Briggs will complain to the player from time to time regarding his feelings of the surroundings and what he has been asked to do. If the player does not move the mouse for a period of time, Briggs will let the player know about it.

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The player arrives in Rockport City, driving a racing version of the BMW M3 GTR. Following Mia Townsend (played by Josie Maran), the player proves his driving prowess as he is pursued by a veteran police officer named Sergeant Cross (played by Dean McKenzie), who vows to take down the player and end street racing in Rockport. Races seem to be in the player's favor until a particular group of racers, led by the game's antagonist, Clarence "Razor" Callahan (played by Derek Hamilton), sabotages and win the player's car in a race. Without a car to escape in, the player is arrested by Cross, but is later released due to lack of evidence. Mia picks up the player and then informs the player about Razor's new status on the Blacklist, a group of 15 drivers most wanted by the Rockport Police Department. She then helps by assisting the player in acquiring a new car and working his way up the Blacklist. Rivals are defeated one by one, and the player is rewarded with reputation, new rides, and ride improvements with every Blacklist member taken down.

 As new boroughs are opened up throughout Rockport (Rosewood, Camden Beach, and Downtown Rockport), Mia also sets up safehouses for the player to lie low in, in exchange for placement of "side bets" on the player's races.
The final challenge for the #1 spot on the Blacklist puts the player in a race against Razor, with the player emerging as the victor, thus reclaiming the BMW M3 GTR. When Razor refuses to relinquish ownership of the car and attacks Mia after she confiscates the keys from him, she subdues him, while revealing herself to be an Undercover Cop. Mia throws the keys to the player, and yells at him to escape the incoming police force. Razor is taken into custody and the player is pursued by the entire Rockport Police Department's under the command of Cross. During the chase, Cross reveals that the player "helped" him in arresting the entire blacklist and tries to get the player to surrender. 
The player manages to slip away from the cops, and abandons Rockport City by launching the car over an old broken bridge pointed out by Mia. After the player's escape, Cross brings up the player's rap sheet and adds him to the National Most Wanted List.

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Desmond is captured by Abstergo and forced to use a machine called the Animus to explore Altaïr ibn-La'Ahad's memories during the time of the Third Crusade. Desmond begins to witness events after Altaïr breaks all three tenets of the Assassin Brotherhood while attempting to stop Robert de Sablé from taking a Piece of Eden. Al Mualim, the Brotherhood's leader, demotes Altaïr to Novice and tasks him with assassinating the nine Knights Templars, including de Sablé, to regain his former status. Altaïr's quest eventually leads him to face de Sablé in the presence of King Richard I of England warning the King of de Sablé's plot to kill him. Altaïr defeats de Sablé, but with his last words, de Sablé reveals that there were ten Templars, the last being Al Mualim, who now holds the Piece of Eden. Altaïr returns to face Al Mualim, struggling to fight through the illusions created by the Piece, but eventually kills Al Mualim.
When Altaïr recovers the piece, he—and those watching the Animus—witness a holographic map showing locations across the globe where other artifacts are located. Desmond is pulled from the Animus, and was going to be killed, but his life is spared by Lucy Stillman, an Assassin working as a mole within Abstergo, as she claims they might need to further examine his memories later. 

He comes to learn that a former test subject had left messages only Desmond can see, foretelling of the end of the world in 2012.
The first Assassin's Creed introduced elements that would remain cornerstones of the rest of the series. The game attempts to create historical versions of Masyaf (the Brotherhood's location), Jerusalem, Acreand Damascus, and incorporates a number of documented historical figures into the story. The virtualized Animus system, free running, climbing, stealth, and parkour elements were all present in this title, as well as the initial formulation of the combat system. The player would have to complete a number of side quests before they would be able to obtain an assassin quest from a local Brotherhood guidemaster in each city, though future games would abandon this prerequisite.

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The game follows Alexander J. Mercer (voiced by Barry Pepper) who wakes up in a morgue in the basement of Gentek, a genetic engineering company based in Manhattan, sending a pair of scientists that were just about to perform an autopsy running. Alex escapes, and witnesses the scientists being gunned down by military operatives. Alex is discovered and attacked. He survives bullets being fired into his chest, and leaps over a wall to safety. 

He soon discovers he now possesses powerful shapeshifting abilities, superhuman strength, speed, agility, durability, senses, endurance, weaponry and the ability to "consume" people to gain their memories, skills and appearance. With no memory of his previous life, Alex decides to find and consume those related to the conspiracy in order to uncover the truth. During his quest, Alex faces two factions: the United States Marine Corps and Blackwatch, a Fort Detrick special forces unit dedicated to combating biological warfare; and the Infected, monsters created by a virus known as BLACKLIGHT that is overrunning Manhattan. Captain Robert Cross (voiced by Jeffrey Pierce), a Blackwatch officer, is given orders to find and contain Alex.
Alex makes contact with his sister, Dana (voiced by Lake Bell), who assists him in tracking down targets, leading to the infiltration of Gentek headquarters. He finds a young woman called Elizabeth Greene contained in the building. Greene is a host for BLACKLIGHT and upon her escape unleashes it upon Manhattan. Dana directs Alex to Karen Parker, his ex-girlfriend. She agrees to aid him in stopping the virus, while requiring Alex to bring back samples of the virus. Karen later leads Alex into a trap, where he is confronted by Cross. During their battle, Alex almost defeated Cross when Cross mentioned 'Penn Station', triggering a flashback that leaves Alex dazed. Alex is injected with a parasite that threatens to kill him. Alex seeks help from Dr. Ragland, a pathologist linked to Gentek. Ragland helps Alex remove the parasite and turn it into a weapon against Greene. However, it has no effect on Greene as her body rejected the parasite immediately, and the rejected biomass forms a monstrous being, the Supreme Hunter, which Alex kills.

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The story of F.E.A.R. is presented in such a way that only a few minor elements are revealed in the game's beginning, thus allowing players to experience the adventure as "... the hero[es] in [their] own spine-tingling epic of action, tension and terror". The manual briefly mentions the player character's recent induction as "Point Man" to F.E.A.R., a secret special ops group of the U.S. government specialized in dealing with paranormal threats. The character's extraordinarily reactive reflexes are described as well, hinting that the government is interested in his abilities. When the game begins, the player witnesses a man named Paxton Fettel taking command of a battalion of telepathically controlled clone supersoldiers, seizing control of Armacham Technology Corporation (ATC) headquarters, and killing all its occupants.

Point Man attends a briefing held by Commissioner Rowdy Betters, in the company of his F.E.A.R. team-mates Spen Jankowski and Jin Sun-Kwon. The team's mission is to eliminate Fettel, operating in conjunction with the Delta Force.
Fettel is located by means of a satellite tracking device and hunted by F.E.A.R. and Delta Force over several locations. While the villain evades cap
ture by the special forces, Point Man witnesses unexplained, and occasionally life-threatening, paranormal phenomena, including hallucinations that frequently afflict him, all of which revolve around a red-dressed little girl named Alma. Laptops found in the course of the mission, remotely hacked by Commissioner Betters, provide details regarding the background story; Point Man learns how Fettel was raised to become a telepathic military commander, that he is the son of Alma, who is described as being a powerful psychic as part of Project Origin, and the existence of another child of Alma, who was born before Fettel.
All clues lead F.E.A.R. to believe Fettel is under control of Alma, who was locked in the Origin facility when ATC closed down the project owing to the danger the woman posed; Fettel is searching for that same facility to free his mother. Point Man goes to the abandoned structure, fighting back both the clone soldiers and ATC guards, who have received orders to cover up the whole affair. When Point Man comes to finally face Fettel, he is drawn into a hallucination where the player learns how the Point Man is Alma's first son and is thereafter enabled to kill Fettel himself. The story does not end here, however, as Alma is nonetheless freed when her storage chamber is opened by ATC researcher and leader of Project Origin, Harlan Wade, who felt guilty over the company's treatment of Alma and who actually was her father. Point Man is then called to sabotage the structure's reactor, running a gauntlet against Alma's ghosts before the whole location explodes. In the aftermath of the detonation, a Delta Force Black Hawk helicopter extracts the Point Man from the rubble, rescuing him. While he and the survivors of the F.E.A.R team survey the results of the explosion from the helicopter, Alma makes one last sudden appearance over the side of the helicopter, preparing to pull herself up into the cabin: the destruction of the Origin facility has not stopped her quest for revenge.
After the credits, the player can listen to a phone call between a mysterious senator and ATC president Aristide, which offers some further explanation: the woman considers the project under control and deems the "first prototype" a success.

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Nero is a young man who works as a demon hunter for the The Order of the Sword that worships the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda as a god. When he goes to the Opera House to see his romantic interest Kyrie perform for The Order of the Sword's ceremony, the Order's high priest Sanctus is murdered by Dante, the son of Sparda who appears suddenly after crashing through a skylight. The Order's Holy Knights, led by Kyrie's older brother Credo, try to subdue Dante but he defeats them easily. Promising to return with help, Credo takes Kyrie to safety and leaves Nero to stall Dante. Tapping into his dormant demonic power, Nero overwhelms Dante. Impressed, Dante, before leaving, reveals that the Holy Knights members he killed were actually demons. Credo gives Nero the task of stopping Dante in Fortuna Castle.

In the castle, Nero discovers that Order of the Sword's Agnus has secretly been experimenting with demonic power using the demonic energy from Yamato, the long lost sword that used to belong to Dante's brother, Vergil. Agnus has created an army of demon infused warriors and several Hell Gates across Fortuna under the orders of Sanctus himself who has revived as a demon. Nero fights Agnus fully unlocking his own dormant demonic power thanks to Yamato. Agnus flees to Headquarters Nero follows him as he tries to piece together The Order's plan involving the Hell Gates. He discovers that Credo is part of the conspiracy, having similarly become a demon. Credo has been tasked by Sanctus to stop Nero, while Gloria has taken up Nero's job of hunting Dante. However, Credo stops his mission when Agnus uses Kyrie as a bait to capture Nero.
Nero decides to save Kyrie from Sanctus, but encounters Dante who tests him in fight to see if he is worthy of Yamato. Dante wins this time but lets Nero retain Yamato. Nero finds Sanctus in the Headquarters with an enormous statue, which Sanctus calls "The Savior." Sanctus reveals that only Yamato and the Legendary Sparda Sword, along with Sparda's blood can awaken the Savior. Having already received the Sparda Sword from Gloria, Sanctus proceeds to absorb Nero who has Sparda's blood. Using Kyrie as a human shield to distract Nero, he succeeds in capturing him.[13]
 Credo attempts to rescue Nero and Kyrie but is mortally wounded by Sanctus. Dante and his partner Trish, revealed to be Gloria, appear, unable to stop the proceedings, and promise Credo in his final moments to save Kyrie and Nero.

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Kilo Squad is put on trial for various crimes by Colonel Ezra Loomis and is given the chance to explain their actions:
Following orders, Kilo checks out a convoy in the Old Town part of Halvo Bay only to find it destroyed. Kilo proceeds to battle through Old Town and into the Museum of Military Glory where they encounter the fearsome Locust General Karn and his mount Shibboleth accompanied by hundreds of Locust. Contacting Colonel Loomis, Cadet Sofia Hendrick suggests using a powerful weapon known as the Lightmass Missile to take Karn out, but Loomis is against the idea. Realizing how dangerous Karn is, Kilo decides to do it anyway and travels to the Onyx Guard Academy where they find and protect the missile's targeting beacon, a bot that Lieutenant Damon Baird later names Troy. With Troy in their possession, Kilo travels to the Seashore Hills to the mansion of Professor Elliot, creator of the missile in order to get the launch codes needed to fire the missile. Fighting into the mansion, Kilo must defend Troy from repeated waves of Locust as he downloads the launch codes. Once they have the codes, Kilo travels to the island of Onyx Point where the missile itself is, fighting through entrenched Locust forces to reach and arm the missile. Despite orders to the contrary, they arm the missile and head back to the museum where they figure Karn is heading to lay a trap. Fighting across the rooftops of Old Town, Kilo sends Troy in to guide the missile and despite Loomis threatening to execute them if they go through with their plan, Baird fires the Lightmass Missile at the museum, blowing it up and killing hundreds of Locust, Karn presumably among them. Kilo then defends themselves from a massive Locust attack on their rooftop and once its over, are arrested by Loomis for their actions.
In the present, Loomis prepares to execute the squad when the Locust break into the courtroom. Private Garron Paduk, who particularly hates Loomis, saves his life and he flees while Kilo must fight their way out and to a nearby King Raven. Reaching the King Raven with Loomis, Karn is revealed to have survived the Lightmass Missile and he attacks Kilo and Loomis who manage to kill his mount Shibboleth. Loomis executes the heavily injured Karn and drops the charges against Kilo, but demotes Baird from Lieutenant to Private for his actions.

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Enslaved is a story set 150 years in the future where a global war has ravaged the Earth, destroying much of the human race and leaving the world to be plagued by robots left over from the conflict, known as "mechs". Although they are from a bygone era, they are still following their programming and seek to completely eradicate hostiles - in this case humanity.
The game opens with the main character, Monkey (Andy Serkis), awakening in a containment cell aboard a slave ship just as the vessel is about to crash. He and a woman named Trip (Lindsey Shaw) leave the ship via escape pod, but when he regains consciousness after a fall, he discovers that she has placed a slave headband on him, which forces him to follow her orders and that if Trip dies, so does Monkey. Trip explains that she wants to return to her village, which is 300 miles away, and that she needs his help to get there. Monkey is angry, but complies when he realizes that he has no choice. The two travel across New York City toward the crash site, where Monkey hopes to recover his motorcycle. Along the way, glitches in the headband expose him to visions of what appears to be life before the war.
After visiting the crash site, the two travel the rest of the way on Monkey's motorcycle, but when they reach Trip's village, the place is deserted and overrun with mechs. After clearing the village of them, Monkey and Trip break into the safe room where they believe survivors are hiding, only to discover that Trip's father is dead and no other villagers can be found. Assuming everyone to be dead, Trip breaks her promise and refuses to remove Monkey's headband, explaining her intent to find and kill the person responsible.
Trip takes Monkey to meet up with a friend of her father's named Pigsy (Richard Ridings

), whom she believes can help them. Pigsy agrees to join them, and explains that a nearby mech base is currently housing an enormous and incredibly powerful weapon called the Leviathan. He gets a flying vehicle up and running, and the three follow a slave ship all the way to the base where the Leviathan is being held. They infiltrate the base, break the restraints off of the Leviathan, commandeer it and steer it in the direction of Pyramid, where the slaves are being held. Along the way, Trip apologizes to Monkey for breaking her deal and deactivates the headband, but Monkey tells her to turn it back on, hinting that they developed a romantic relationship on their journey together.

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MetroLast Light takes place one year after the events of Metro 2033, following the canonical ending in which Artyom chose to proceed with the missile strike against the Dark Ones. The Rangers have since occupied the D6 military facility, a huge pre-war bunker with miles of tunnels that have yet to be fully explored, with Artyom himself now an official Ranger. Despite their best efforts, word of D6 has spread around the Metro, with rumors that the bunker may contain enough supplies to sustain the Metro indefinitely. Tensions run high as the rival factions prepare for war in the hopes of seizing the bunker and its contents for themselves.
Khan, a wandering mystic, arrives at D6 to inform Artyom and the Rangers that a single Dark One survived the missile strike. Khan believes that this Dark One is the key to humanity's future, and wants to make peace with it; Colonel Miller, the Ranger's leader, wants to eliminate it as a potential threat. Miller sends Artyom to the surface with the mission to kill the Dark One, accompanied by Anna, Miller's sarcastic daughter and the Rangers' best sniper.
Artyom succeeds in finding the Dark One, who turns out to be just a child, but is quickly captured by soldiers of the Fourth Reich and separated from the little Dark One. Pavel Morozov, a good-natured Red Line soldier, helps Artyom escape, and the two befriend each other after fighting through the Metro tunnels and across the devastated surface. When they reach a Red Line settlement, however, Pavel is revealed to be a high-ranking officer of the Red Line, who proceeds to detain Artyom to learn more about the Rangers and the Dark One.
Artyom manages to escape, though, and races Pavel's forces to locate the Dark One and Anna, who has been kidnapped. En route, he stumbles across a contingent of Red Line forces massacring the inhabitants of a station, supposedly to contain a mysterious epidemic. In fact, as Artyom quickly learns, it was the Red Line who introduced the virus to the station, weaponized ebola acquired from the D6 vault by a Red Line double agent, in order to test its efficacy. Artyom finds Anna and frees her, and the two amorously copulate.

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While providing security detail in an unnamed African country for its prime minister, N'Mani, Maverick operative Raiden and his team are attacked by Desperado, a rogue PMC involved in terrorism. While Raiden fends off Desperado forces, their de facto leader "Sundowner" manages to kidnap and execute the premier. Sundowner's comrade, Samuel "Jetstream Sam" Rodriguez, fights and defeats Raiden, severely damaging his cyborg body. Raiden barely survives, and Doktor later gives him a new black cyborg armor that grants him much more power.
Three weeks later, Raiden infiltrates the breakaway nation of Abkhazia after learning that Desperado is leading a military coup there. He plans to capture Andrey Dolzaev, an extremist leading the Abkhazian forces, to force Desperado into standing

down. Desperado anticipates the move and assigns a prototype AI designated LQ-84i to stop him. Raiden defeats LQ-84i in combat, and later has it rebuilt as an ally, naming it Bladewolf. He faces further opposition from Mistral, the commander of Desperado's forces in Abkhazia. After Raiden kills Mistral in combat, Dolzaev commits suicide by blowing up an oil tank he is standing on.
With the close of the Abkhazia mission, Maverick assign Raiden and Bladewolf to investigate a research facility in Guadalajara, Mexico. There, Raiden meets an orphan named George, and learns that George was at the facility to have his brain—along with the brains of several other orphans—surgically removed and shipped to the United States. He learns that Sundowner inspected the facility in the company of Senator Steven Armstrong, creating an alliance between Desperado and World Marshal, another PMC. They plan to condition the children's brains to become killers through VR training and place them inside cybernetic bodies to create new soldiers, similar to Raiden. Raiden rescues George and the unharvested orphans, and takes them to Doktor, killing the facility's lead researcher when he takes George as a human shield and attempts to gas the orphans with a concentrated form of chloroform.
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A top secret government weapons lab, called Hyperion Base, had mysteriously went quiet some time after Senator William Fable arrived. In response to this, Lyndon Burgess sends in his black ops team, Overstrike 9, to investigate. Once inside, they learn of Fuse, an alien substance that radically bonds with anything it comes into contact with, used in development of advanced weapons. At the same time, Raven, a paramilitary corporation, breaks in. Overstrike 9 manages to reach the main Fuse lab. Though Dalton orders it destroyed, Izzy "accidentally" opens the main Fuse vault at the same time Raven captures the lab. Dalton's former lover and boss, Meilin Mao, appears, holding Fable hostage. Dalton threatened to kill Fable, suspecting that he allowed Raven into the base but his team reminds him that they are outnumbered, so they surrender.
Overstrike 9 is brought to Raven's underwater Triton Base, where it is revealed that Dalton's suspicions were correct, as Fable was in league with Raven. At the same time, Naya is reunited with her estranged father, Luther, who seeks aids their escape. Overstrike 9 then goes to the base's Fuse core and prepare to detonate it but first had to deal with Ivan Sovlenko, who purposely injects himself with Fuse to create illusions but they defeat him. Overstrike 9 then escapes the destruction of the base.
The team is later sent to Sheng Island, where Meilin was planning to launch a corrupted Fuse rocket at a populated area as a demonstration for interested b

uyers. They were able to lock the missile in place and Dalton kills Meilin, narrowly escaping as the corrupted Fuse ignites, destroying all life on the island.
Overstrike 9 is next sent to Karakoram in search of Luther and Fable. But at the same time, Fable betrays Raven, revealing to be in league with a mysterious organization only known as "the Order". He coerced half of Raven to defect and steal the corrupted Fuse. Overstrike 9 is unable to attempt pursuit. For their failure, the client that hired the team rescinded their contract. However, Naya convinces the team that her father might be able to help them locate the Fuse and reveals that she had located his safe house in Jodhpur. With Burgess' aid, Overstrike 9 storms Luther's compound at the same time Fable's loyalists assault it. Fighting their way through both way through both Raven factions, Overstrike 9 manages to locate Luther and enlist his aid against Fable.

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Game has received favorable reviews from critics gaining 79/100 on PCPS3 platforms and 78/100 on Xbox 360 according to aggregation website Metacritic.Prototype was released on Steam as well as in retail stores and topped the Steam sales on the week of its release. The Xbox 360 version of Prototype was the top selling game of June 2009 in North America, with over 419,900 units sold. This made the game a Platinum Hit. As of March, 2012, the game had sold 2.1 million copies worldwide. GameSpot gave the game a 8.5/10, praising the game for its "intriguing storyline and protagonist" and "massive arsenal of moves and abilities", but criticized the game for its "occasionally fiddly controls" and "dull scenery". The Escapist said the game was a perfect "summer fling," praising the combat and movement systems as well as the unique mechanic of the Web of Intrigue.The Onion A.V. Club gave the game an "A" ranking, calling the movement style "exhilarating" and saying it was a "mature, science-fiction superhero fantasy that somehow makes players feel simultaneously powerful and vulnerable."'s Marcus Dyson awarded the game 84%, stating that "The complex controls can be daunting, but once mastered, unveil a huge array of dramatic moves and impressive weapons.


The story of F.E.A.R. is presented in such a way that only a few minor elements are revealed in the game's beginning, thus allowing players to experience the adventure as "... the hero[es] in [their] own spine-tingling epic of action, tension and terror". The manual briefly mentions the player character's recent induction as "Point Man" to F.E.A.R., a secret special ops group of the U.S. government specialized in dealing with paranormal threats. The character's extraordinarily reactive reflexes are described as well, hinting that the government is interested in his abilities. When the game begins, the player witnesses a man named Paxton Fettel taking command of a battalion of telepathically controlled clone supersoldiers, seizing control of Armacham Technology Corporation (ATC) headquarters, and killing all its occupants.


The game is set in an open world environment modeled after Barcelona, full of destructible objects, alleyways, shortcuts through office blocks and a total of 31 story missions and 105 side missions. While most missions are driving-oriented, there are also foot missions which are played from a third person perspective. A wide variety of guns are preserved for the player including pistols to RPGs.
Among the vehicles used by Milo Burik in the game is the Pontiac G8, shown in released trailers for Wheelman. Reports also indicated that the Opel Astra is a drivable vehicle. In the demo, his license plate says MRTL KM8T which is a reference to Mortal Kombat, Midway's popular fighting game.


Fifteen years after the King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2, Heihachi Mishima has established the Tekken Force, a paramilitary organization dedicated to the protection of the Mishima Zaibatsu. A squadron of the Tekken Force searches an ancient temple located in Mexico. Soon after arriving there, Heihachi learns that they have been obliterated by Ogre. However, Heihachi, having witnessed the event, seeks to capture Ogre in hopes of harnessing its power for his own gain. Soon after, various martial artists end up dead, attacked or missing from all over the world, with Ogre behind it.
Jun Kazama has been living a quiet life in Yakushima with her young son, Jin, fathered after the events of the previous tournament by Heihachi's son, Kazuya. However, their peaceful life is disrupted when Jun begins to feel the encroaching presence of Ogre. Jun is now a target and instructs Jin to seek Heihachi should anything happen. Sometime after Jin's fifteenth birthday, Ogre indeed attacks. Against Jun's wishes, Jin valiantly tries to fight Ogre off, but Ogre knocks him unconscious. When Jin awakens, he finds that his house has been burned to the ground, and that his mother is missing and most likely dead. Driven by revenge, Jin is confronted by the Devil, which brands Jin's left arm and possesses him. Jin goes to Heihachi, explaining his situation and identity and begging him for training to become strong enough to face Ogre. Heihachi accepts and takes Jin in, as well as sending him to school.
Four years later, Jin masters the Mishima karate style. On Jin's nineteenth birthday, Heihachi announces the King of the Iron Fist Tournament 3, secretly intending to lure out Ogre, while Jin prepares for his upcoming battle.
In the tournament, at a large temple, Paul Phoenix

 defeats Ogre and walks away from the tournament, thinking he is victorious. However, Ogre transforms into its true form of a monstrous beast, and Jin finally confronts it. Jin battles and defeats Ogre, and the being completely dissolves. However, Jin is suddenly gunned down by a squadron of Tekken Forces led by Heihachi, who, no longer needing him, personally fires a final shot into his grandson's head.
However, Jin, revived by the Devil within him, reawakens and dispatches the soldiers, smashing Heihachi through the wall of the temple. Heihachi survives the long fall, looking up to see Jin sprout feathery wings and fly off into the night.